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7/13/2024 : 9:57 pm : +0200

The guesthouse

Our service

Your stay in Niederalteich or rather in our guesthouse should, of course, be so comfortable as possible. We try to give our best to reach this.

That happens even at breakfast in the morning. At the desired and preconcerted times we serve you coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milk, orange juice, cereals, cornflakes, yoghurt, eggs and also several kinds of sausage and cheese. 

Furthermore the breakfast room is equipped with a kitchen and of course it can be used as lounge.

In addion there's the possibily to buy some drinks or wines at our house, in order to spend the evening nicely.

Hower in the evening you can also relax in our summer arbour after a stressful day and drink a beer or something like that with candelight and romantic atmosphere.

Of course, in Niederalteich and in the immediate vicinity there are some restaurants, where you can meet from noon to the evening.

We can contact us for further questions about freetime activities and so on.

In the section "Links" you can also find links to other websites about spending your time in Niederalteich or the immediate vicinity.

Of course, a garage for your bikes, etc. or parking lots for cars are available. The guesthouse has also a separate entrance and bells for each room.

Without fail you should not have a lack of something in our pension. And however if you have some questions or requests, just contact us.