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5/30/2024 : 8:33 am : +0200

The guesthouse

The rooms

Our guesthouse offers you double bedrooms, which are all well appointed with shower, washing facility and toilet.

For amusement, we also offer rooms with own tv and satellite receiver, of course.


Generally all our rooms are modernly and comfortably equipped and should meet everybody's demands, no matter if businessman or transient.
For families with a child we also offer a big double bedroom with an additional bed in an adjoining room.


Each bathroom and each shower is well-kept, of course. Because we attach great importance to hygiene and cleanliness.

Of course, all bathrooms are equipped with washbasin, shower, toilet, mirrored cabinet, air hood, dustbin and towels.

You should not have a lack of something in our guesthouse. And however if you miss something one time or if you have a special request, just contact us. We are going to try everything possible, to satisfy you.

The guest is king!